"Cool" isn’t about status, or money, or power.  It doesn’t come from your shoes, your clothes, your car.  In fact, if you asked most people what makes someone or something cool, they probably couldn’t answer.  Cool just IS.

Our founders’ love of fragrance and desire for the world around them to always “be cool” led them on a search for the perfect scents.  Unfortunately, that search always ended at the same conclusion: that the only two options are sophisticated but extremely expensive scents or reasonably priced but basic scents.  It was this realization that led them to ask the question: “Why can’t we have it both ways?”

High Notes was born from the idea that we all have a desire for the world around us to be cool and, more importantly, that we all have an element of cool inside us.  With simple design and sophisticated fragrances, our products focus on everything that matters and nothing that doesn’t, thus creating the perfect balance of cool at the perfect price.  Our candles are hand crafted with the perfect blend of natural waxes and our proprietary fragrance formulas to create not just a scent, but an experience.